Quality Mould Benching & Polishing LTD.
  • At Quality Mould each individual engaged in the products is responsible for ensuring that their workmanship standards are maintained at the level of quality consistent with the mechanical, technical, and functional requirements of the customer.

  • Quality Mould does not merely use the mould finish levels based upon a descriptive and subjective judgement. In combination with the experience of the mould maker we adhere to the establishment of the mold finish standards. With the use of these standards in conjunction with the related experience we are able to finish moulds with a high degree of measurable precision.

  • At Quality Mould the standards established by the Mold makers Division of S.P.I (Society of the Plastics Industry) and the Metal Mold Design and Construction Professional Activities Group of S.P.E. ( Society of Plastics Engineers) are practiced and adhered to in a stringent manner, resulting in commitment to customer satisfaction.

Built upon the principal of


"Personal Responsibility
In Daily Effort"

7875 Tranmere Drive, Unit 10 & 11
Mississauga, Ontario
L5S 1T8
Phone: (905) 670-4258
Fax: (905) 670-7931
E-mail: info@qualitymould.com

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